February Practice Schedule

Available on the Calendar or here as a printable PDF.


December 17 Newsletter

Greetings all!


Just a few updates as we head into the weekend…


1)  The Performance Pro Shop is now open!  A glitch with the online form set us back a few days, so we have extended your deadline to purchase through this Sunday, December 21st.  Order form with instructions covering how to place your order is can be found here.  Think Christmas…happy shopping!!

* NOTE:  Your club dues cover the cost of the Under Armour warm up jacket.  If interested in the matching pants, they can be found on the middle of the order form.


2)  A few of our teams are looking to fill a couple of roster positions.  Through our Performance Referral Program, if you assist with this process and produce someone that fills one of these spots, we will credit your club account $150.00 (applied to your final installment)!  The following age division/positions are still available:

18’s:  Outside Hitter, Setter

17’s:  Middle Blocker

15’s:  Outside Hitter

14’s:  Outside Hitters

If you have someone in mind, please invite them to practice this Sunday.  Introduce to Coach Parker prior to your training session!


3)  In need of a pair of knee pads?  We have a limited supply left at a discounted price!  Nike product, retails for $25.  Selling this Sunday in the gym for only $10 a pair!


4)  And last, we mistakenly omitted the payment schedule dates for your 2014-15 club handbook.  Those dates are as follows:

December 7th – $500 (all 14’s thru 18’s), $250 (11’sW)

January 14th – $500 (all 14’s thru 18’s), $250 (11’sW)

February 21st – $500 (all Junior National participants), $150 (all 11’sW,14’sW & 15’sW Regional)


We apologize for the omission!

That’s all for now.  Have a great rest of the week….see you in the gym Sunday!!